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Shooting the S**T with a National Champion.

Friday was an interesting night.  After partying with my coworkers for one of their birthdays I went to another bar where I took a smoke break next to a couple guys ranting about the BCS.  Is was funny.  One guy was a die hard USC fan and the other just agreed with everything he said but was an Ohio State fan.  I was feeling pretty good while I was listening to these two guys rant on and on.  Quite loud, too.   It was cool but me being a sports fan myself, I had to jump into the conversation.

They were cool guys, definitely not from Hawaii as I am and we just talked and talked.  They respected what Hawaii did last year and gave them a break because, yes, Georgia was a legitimate National Title Contender.  Yadda, Yadda.  Better than most people on the boards here.  Anyway, the USC fan was actually a member of one of their National Championship teams.  The year they beat Okalahoma, I think.  Anyway, he had the Championship Ring and everything.  I thought that was fricken cool.

Anyway, I had a shot with them and went on my way.  I love talking sports, man.  Especially football.  Even in a drunken stupor on a friday night with some random fans.

Hurry football season.  You can't get here soon enough.  In the mean time...

Tiger Woods is amazing and it's about time the Lakers held on to a lead.

Oh and fricken Ming-Wang may miss the rest of the season.  Waiver-Wire here I come.

Hurry.  Hurry.  Hurry.  Football season.

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Hawaii Vs Florida 2008 & With Toughts

Hawaii will lose. Probably big. But aside from all of it, a game like this is good to build credibility in the future. You have to play the big dogs to get respect. That's why the SEC to me is the toughest conference. Most teams are considered to be Powerhouses. And to play a schedule where you have to prepare for a Powerhouse week in and week out, the SEC champ should play for the National Title every year.


But for a mid major to get to National Championship contention, it needs to play these games and do well. So if you can go undefeated, argue that you belong, there won't be any talk about you not playing anybody. A la Hawaii Warrior Football 2007. Until a playoff system is implemented into College Football. No mid major will win a National Title again. None. So congratulations BYU 1984. You may be the last.


It was a great year to be a fan in 2007, though. I loved every minute of it. All the close games. All the heart stopping comebacks. But honestly, the country was right. Hawaii didn't play anybody to merit their undefeated season. Some, if not, a lot of it was not up to them. Remember Michigan State pulled out. And honestly, we couldn't get any Pac-10 team here on short notice. I think a lot had to do with the type of team we had last year. On paper we were a great team. Why would a Major Conference Player want to come to Hawaii and possible risk losing to a decent, if not, great Hawaii team in 2007. They had a Heisman Candidate QB & all of his WR's. Yeah, they would probably beat Hawaii, but why risk flying 3000 miles or more to play and beat somebody you were supposed to anyway. Just schedule Appalachin State at home. Last years team was a gray area team where Michigan can play them but what good is it going to do if they win. But how bad would it be if they lose.


Now all these games are coming a year after probably Hawaii's best team ever. A little too late. A schedule like this last year and Hawaii probably finishes 9-3 at best. But a good 9-3. Respectable. The schedule last year did nothing to prepare Hawaii for the Sugar Bowl. Nothing. And maybe teams didn't want to be in a lose lose situation and I don't blame them. The only thing that it does, though, with Hawaii getting the BCS bid with that schedule is make other teams think the same logic. Why not schedule mediocre to weak opponents outside of the conference, finish undefeated and play in a BCS bowl and a big payday.


Don't get me wrong. I believe Hawaii deserved the bid. They beat everybody they played and were supposed to beat.  Unfortunately they played Georgia in The Sugar Bowl. Clearly Georgia had viable points to being in the title game themselves and I feel they are the team to beat in the SEC this year.  Last year their RB's & QB were already great.  Plus, no one can pass under that kind of pressure. Not Colt. Hell, not Romo, Favre, or Brady could either. Honestly, The Rose Bowl dropped the ball. They should've swallowed their stupid traditional pride and matched USC against Hawaii. Not for the sense of a better matchup, but for the sense that they could've kept that bowl western United States. Instead they select Illinois, a mediocre team at best that was outside the Top 10 to preserve the Pac-10 Big 10 tradition. USC blows them out. Hawaii had to better than Illinois, right. At least put up a better fight.


Maybe. Maybe Not.

To conclude, more Mid-Majors should schedule the Powerhouses.  And more of those Powerhouses should schedule the Mid-Major contenders and give them a chance to prove worthy.  And the BCS should better recognize the accomplishments of the Mid-Major teams.  The Utah's, The Boise's, Hawaii.  Because undefeated is, no matter what, a hard feat to accomplish.



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It's Been So Long...

I got up today hung over and having to take my car into service at 8 o'clock this morning.  It was all good though.  Football season is another day closer.

I was browsing through some of the threads and realized, no remembered, it's just been so long since my Buffalo Bills have made the playoffs.  I can't believe it.  I mean, I know that the stupid forward lateral "Music City Miracle" was what 9 years ago.  Gosh how time just flies.

9 years.  Hmm.  Rob Johnson, Drew Bledsoe, JP Losman.  Gosh, I miss Jim Kelly.  Hell, I miss Frank Reich.  Funny, though, it always looks bright before the season opener.  We had a good team last year, I think.  A few points here and there and we could've had 10 wins.  AHHH, the stupid Dallas game.  Anyway, each of the past 9 years it always look great for Buffalo to get into the playoffs.  I guess every fan believes their team can get into the playoffs pre-season.  But Buffalo, seriously, always looked like they had a shot.  When Drew Bledsoe was picked up in 2002, I thought definitely playoffs loomed ahead.  NOT!  Disappointment after disappointment.  The Pitt game at the end of 2004, I think, when Pitt rested their starters and Buffalo was in a win and in position and Bledsoe blows it.  AHHH!

Then JP Losman is the guy.  You know what, I gave him chance.  I believed he could mature into a decent QB.  No I hope we can get decent draft pics for him.  I am behind Troy Edwards all the way this year.  Hopefully Lynch can resolve his off field issues and we drafted a WR to compiment Lee Evans.  Looks good.  We seriously needs points.  Our defense is good.  We need points.  You think 9 years is a long time, try to remember when Buffalo never had a problem scoring points.  Gosh, I miss the No-Huddle. 

The 90's were fun.  Yeah we lost 4 straight Super Bowls, but whatever.  It sucks.  But we got to cheer all the way to the Super Bowl for 4 years.  Arizona fans season usually ends after week 17.  Same for Detroit, Atlanta, Cleveland so whatever.  It was fun.  The offense was amazing. Kelly, Thomas, Reed, Lofton, Beebe. Colorful characters on defense,  Smith, Bennett, Tally, Odomes.  The best special teams player ever.  Tasker.  3 feet.  AHHH!  Those years were fun.

So this year is coming soon.  It's gonna be great.  I see a great possibilty at 10 wins.  Too bad Buffalo is not an NFC team.  We would be division champs every year.  Anyway, Buffalo is not ready to beat the Patriots.  Hell, a lot of teams in the NFL are not ready.  A win at home would be nice.  I know we got the Jets & Dolphins so a 4-2 division record is sweet.  Then Oakland, St. Louis, Arizona, San Francisco, Kansas City, & Denver makes me feel good.  10 wins.  Real possibility. 

But being a believer... Why not a win over New England at home.  11 wins.  Or at Foxboro.  12 wins.  We're home against San Diego and Cleveland.  13 & 14 wins.  And why not have some great momentum to open the seaso with wins over 2 playoff teams, Seattle & Jacksonville.  15 & 16 wins.  Move over New England & Miami.  You got some company coming .

Nothing wrong with believing right.  Or more like hoping.  Or I'm completely insane.  Whatever.  The season is still a couple months away.  Everybody, even Arizona, is still undefeated.

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Posted on: June 5, 2008 5:42 am

Just letting my fingers go @ 11pm Hawaii Time

I live in Hawaii.  It's practically summer all year long.  The difference with it actually being summer is that there's nothing to watch now. 

I'm big on television.  I love my TV.  And all my shows.  When summer gets here, the season has ended for all of them.  During the fall it's all about football from Monday to Sunday.  I am all about football.  So during the summer, there's really only baseball to watch... At least until NFL Preseason.  I have shows in the fall, footballs not on when they are on anyway.  And 24 and Lost don't start until after football season.

Don't get me wrong.  I am a sports fan.  I enjoy all sports.  Well, I wouldn't say enjoy.  I appreciate all sports.  Honestly, I can't sit through an entire MLB game.  I really have no interest in the NBA until maybe the playoffs.  I don't get the NHL, sorry.  I do still pay attention.  I appreciate all sports.

The NFL and College Football.  That's a different story.  I can't get enough of football during football season.  I can't get enough of football during the off-season.  I just love it.  I played it.  I miss playing it.  I love it.

The problem is interest.  I know that because I have started to be really interested in the PGA over the last 10 years and its because of Tiger Woods.  But, even if he isn't playing I find myself watching golf instead of a MLB game. Golf has become more interesting.

Everybody says it.  There are too much games in the NBA and MLB.  A lost in game November or being swept at home in May don't affect the outcome of your season.  You lose three in a row before your bye week, and you start to wonder who I can get in the draft. 

But what can you do.  Join Fantasy.  Make a fantasy team.  Any sport.  It keeps the interest.  I have started playing fantasy a couple of years ago.  I wonder why it took me so long to try it.  I always thought it was a silly way to spend a season.  Now, I can't do it any other way.

I have a lot of useless knowledge in my head.  I remember things I don't need to a lot.  NFL and College Football... Love stats.  Until I started fantasy, only followed the Braves.  And even that dropped off.  I love fantasy because it gets me back into the useless knowledge mode.  What's great is, I actually can back up what I'm talking about.

My first year I did fantasy baseball I couldn't tell you who was who.  I was in an automated draft, this was just last season, and I didn't even know half the guys on my team.  I had the rankings set to default.  Don't get me wrong, I knew established stars.  I knew Mariano Rivera was probably the best closer but I had Francisco Cordero.  Didn't know who he was.  I was wishing I followed MLB better.

It turns out throught the course of the year I learn the basics of fantasy.  Scouting, who to start, reading reports, etc...  I end up winning the league.  It was basic Roto styles.  I won rather easily, too.  Led all weeks except one, maybe two.  That was it.  Hooked.  That was my first MLB fantasy experience.  This year I have 6 teams.

I also played in a NFL one for the 2006.  Finished in the middle.  Not a good experience.  Didn't really get it.  Fast forward to 2007.  Stil learning but I have the baseball fantasy championship under my belt.  We draft live.  I am second to last in the first round.  I only know you go running back unless you can get Manning after pick seven.  Manning was gone, I went with Magahee.  Flipped for second round.  I take Tom Brady.  Why, I thought?  I should've went running back again.  Ah, that's alright.  He's still Tom Brady.  Fast forward to the end of the draft, I'm semi-satisfied not knowing what was ahead.

That turned out to be a very enjoyable season.  Until the playoffs.  I won't get into that.  Put it this way.  I went Ravens Round 3 because the Bears went off the board early in the round.  Bad thinking.  Could've held out for a defense.  Then the two rounds that made my season.  I gamble on Moss in Round 4 and land Adrian Peterson in Round 5.  Needless to say, I had a great regular season.  I lost in the semi's though.  Oh, well.  It was a trend.  I either had the best record or second best record in all the leagues I played last football season (5 teams)except one, and never won a championship.  Just like my favorite NFL team, the Bills, I couldn't win the Big One.

I went off there a little bit.  I can't wait for football season.  Not just for fantasy but for football in general.  Still, because of fantasy, I enjoy the MLB & NBA seasons a lot more. 

I am a Braves fan.  Not heavy, but I enjoy the Braves.  Always have.  Since I was a child and it was the only game on TV because of TBS.  Dale Murphy, Bob Horner.  I think I was defaulted a Braves fan because of TBS.  Nonetheless, it was fun and I still only cheer for the Braves.

NBA.  I have no favorite.  Why?  I don't know.  I think I appreciate individuals more than any on team as a whole.  But to me, that's the NBA.  Except for maybe the Pistons & Spurs, the game is about the Superstars.  Lebron, Kobe, Paul.  At least that's my opinion.  So I rather just watch highlights.  In all.  You need a team to win it all.  That's why Kobe is the MVP.  He made his team better.  No need for 81 points.  And once Lebron gets more help, he'll get his rings, too.  Lakers in 6 by the way.

I'll wrap by saying football is king.  Fantasy helped bring me to enjoy MLB & NBA again.  Hockey... I still don't get.  I need to go to a live NHL game.  I love sports.

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